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Taken with Lumia Selfie

Taken with Lumia Selfie

You got something for me you stupid pig.

You got something for me!!!!!

Mistress is waiting for my Darlings to come and visit her so don’t be shy, I won’t hurt you.  I need some work don’t around my house so I need a fee house girls to come and clean for me so get you pretty body to me asap.


Misteress D

Bring that wallet to me bitch!!!

Bring that wallet to me bitch!!!

Mistress Danger want's to beat shit out of you please.

Can I wrap you up in a huge trash bag and make you my personal garbage because your a worthless piece of shit to me.

Mistress Danger wants to beat you with her pretty black belt, spank you until you ass is fire engine red.  Who want’s to be first in line for this beat down, I will stick it to you real good. Humiliate you just like you like it, like you deserve it, bow down bitch and kiss my feet. and write to me and tell me what you need, send me a letter and I will send you a letter giving you instructions on what I want you to do.  Tribute to your Goddess.

Do you want to talk to me, submit to me, tribute to me, be my financial slave well look into my eyes and follow my directions.Image